"Like a beautiful woman, which made me suffer a bit before I could have it"

dinsdag 31 mei 2016

Small parts...

Heater core mouning plate's

vrijdag 20 mei 2016

A triumph spitfire Ducati

The original article from the ClassicBikeMagazine 

The extra rear badge 

"Here's another detail from which you can tell a Ducati Spitfire: the peculiar rear light assembly and additional cateyes due to italian traffic regulations" .. Matteo Bravi
ClassicBikeMagazine  -1

ClassicBikeMagazine -2

ClassicBikeMagazine -3
Found more info about the ducati imports:

http://www.triumphinitaly.it/ <- a must read!!!

Thanks to: Nando N

Found even more:
Thanks to the spitmag49a (witch is a free read trough this link: https://jumpshare.com/v/QTLiwjEr5clBMoKTIIVY )
you can read a story about a guy touring a italian triumph with the rear lights (page 20 & 21)