"Like a beautiful woman, which made me suffer a bit before I could have it"

vrijdag 27 december 2013

Painting ...

Nice thick coat of primer

Shiney new first layer of black

dinsdag 24 december 2013

Merry X-mas!

Now find a way to place my spitfire in the clip :-)

Merry X-mas!

zaterdag 21 december 2013

dinsdag 17 december 2013

New parts & Owners manual!

Santa is a bit early this year! :-)
Thanks to http://www.jamespaddock.co.uk/ & Roland Patyn!

The package from James Paddock Limited was very safe isolated, Great service, Low prices!
Established over 30 years in 1981 we are suppliers of quality parts for Triumph Stag, Herald, Vitesse, GT6, TR6, TR7 and Spitfire cars. We mail order worldwide having virtually every part in stock and offer prompt dispatch. 
Front shocks & springs kit mk1v + 1500
Front spring top plate 
Brake master cylinder single line 
Hand brake cable rear 
Brake hose securing nut  

zondag 8 december 2013

donderdag 28 november 2013

Mounting the rear diff, rear suspension & final drive (part 1)

How to mount a diff safe!

Test fit of the rear drive/suspension!

Still have to couple the diff to the drive axle! And tighten the bolts!

woensdag 20 november 2013

Front Diff Seal

After 30 min of frustration to get the old seal out we got a nice clean surface!
With some seal grease we got the seal to fit.
Finally the differential is finished to assemble for the 2nd time! (first time we tought 30 year old seals are oil tight... :-) )

Ow and dad fixed the grease gun! Thanks!

donderdag 7 november 2013

Rear diff & door window

Bearing in place!

No more oil leaks! Nice new seals with extra grease...

Ready for the front seal...

Spitfire window from old rusted door

Some random parts from the old doors

Door mechanism

zondag 3 november 2013

New tub!

Dad helping me out on the small roadtrip

Bonnet safe in the van

Got home! :-)

It's far from perfect but see it as a challenge!

Tub with bonnet we also bought

Some fixes have been done... Not sure if they were done right... 
Now back to the chassis so we can test fit this little tub! :-)